CHS has been a leader in the public health IT field since 1999 and created some of the first tools and programmatic guidance for agencies wanting to harness the power of the Internet to reach clients and at-risk populations. In the last decade, CHS has assisted organizations to employ Internet and social media strategies to streamline services, connect with difficult-to-reach populations and market themselves in ways traditional outreach does not. We assist organizations and programs to envision, design and implement a host of Internet and mobile media based strategies including:

Internet & Social Media Strategies:

  • Educational and PSA video campaigns
  • Social media marketing and brand strategies
  • Text marketing campaigns
  • User Generated Content (UGC) programming and campaigns
  • Webinar design and implementation

Nealy ten years ago Connected Health Solutions developed a resource for agencies looking to conduct HIV/STI prevention in an Internet setting. Some of the information contained in this resource may be dated, but much of it is still highly relevant. If you are a provider or agency looking for guidance in this area, please feel free to download a copy here:

Download our Guide to Internet Service Delivery >>